Making Justice Affordable

Affordable Justice


Affordable Justice was set up in 2016 to provide high quality legal advice and representation to women and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse, who are no longer eligible for Legal Aid as a result of central government austerity measures. It grew out of feedback from women using domestic violence support services in Hull who were being forced to either a) drop vital civil proceedings which protected them and their children or b) borrow from family, friends or unaffordable lending sources (e.g. doorstep lenders) to pay for high street solicitors or c) attempt to represent themselves in court where their abuser has the right to cross examine them.
Two volunteers from Preston Road Women's Centre in Hull worked tirelessly to develop a not for profit law firm from scratch specifically with the purpose of offering an affordable, specialist legal service which would offer a viable alternative for those women who could no longer access Legal Aid. The charity is set up on a financially sustainable business model which means that through charging affordable prices (one third of high street prices), this unique and innovative service will be around for years to come.

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