Look Good Feel Better, Refuge & Benefit Cosmetics

In a unique and exciting partnership Look Good Feel Better (cancer support charity), Refuge (domestic violence charity) and Benefit Cosmetics joined forces to empower and support women and children during their annual Bold is Beautiful Campaign. Throughout April 2017 Benefit donated 100% of its brow wax profits, created the first pink pop-up charity shops and saw staff across the country undertaking some truly inspiring fundraising activities - raising a staggering £308,343.39 in just one month. 

This £308,343.39 was split equally between the two charities and is enough to provide support to nearly 5,700 women across the UK.

For Refuge the money helped to sustain its critica life-saving services during what has been a very challenging economic climate and for Look Good Feel Better it has meant that they can continue to expand their services, run sessions in new locations, recruit more volunteers and help provide support to thousands more people living with cancer. 

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