Local Hospice Lottery

The similar objectives shared by the 200+ hospices across the UK have fostered a culture of cooperation within the hospice movement. Local Hospice Lottery has combined this collaborative spirit with its entrepreneurial outlook and existing expertise in running a lottery, to establish an innovative fast growing business with hospice care at its heart. 

Local Hospice Lottery began as Farleigh Hospice’s (Essex) lottery in 1996. In 2008 the decision was made to develop the Lottery for the benefit of other hospices across Great Britain and ‘Local Hospice Lottery’ was born. Through collaborating and sharing one prize fund, one operational system and an experienced/knowledgeable team – lots of expenditure can be saved and partnering hospices can enjoy a low risk, low input way of increasing their income.

Through utilising a variety of tried and tested marketing methods, but with direct sales at the heart of its growth, the weekly draw now has over 120,000 £1 entries with sixteen hospices, from Scotland to the south coast of England, benefitting from the income generated. Local Hospice Lottery is now the UK’s largest and fastest growing hospice lottery and has raised over £6,300,000 for hospice care across the country in the last two years alone.

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