Little Hearts Campaign

Muntada Aid


What was the project?

The humanitarian charity Muntada Aid's Little Hearts project sends teams of health professionals, including paediatric surgeons, to hospitals in developing countries where medical expertise is not available or is too expensive for people to pay for. The project has saved the lives of more than 600 children with congenital heart defects since it started in 2012. In May this year, Muntada Aid took the project to Tanzania for the first time.

Who was involved in the project?

More than 60 medical staff from 14 countries came together to deliver the programme. Muntada Aid works closely with partner organisations and the governments of the developing countries in which it works.

What did it achieve?

It aims to leave a lasting legacy, not only for the children that receive treatment, but also for local medical staff who receive training from its experienced team. This helps to ensure more capable health staff are available in developing countries. The charity is moving on to the second phase of the Little Hearts project – the construction of the Little Hearts Paediatrics Cardiac Centre in Mali's capital, Bamako. It will be the first paediatric heart centre in Mali.

What did the judges say?

Jo Youle, chief executive of Missing People, said: "An inspiring project. Six hundred lives is truly impressive and the idea is to be applauded."

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