Lisa Mari Hilder

Winner, the Preston Road Women's Centre


Over the years thousands of women and children both in Hull and across the country have benefited from Lisa’s hard work and commitment, but very few of them are aware of the massive contribution she has made behind the scenes. Her fundraising skills have led to her raising over £10 million towards women’s services in Yorkshire through her volunteer roles with Winner, the Preston Road Women’s Centre and Bradford Rape Crisis. Those who do know Lisa really appreciate her dedication and her willingness to share her experience by mentoring other women and developing their skills, enabling them to progress into further and higher education, gain employment or achieve promotion in their current employment. Her personal integrity is second to none, she is a passionate advocate for Winner and women’s issues, she is compassionate, empathic, approachable and good fun. She inspires us, motivates us and we are all extremely proud to know her. Lisa truly is well deserving of the recognition this award would bring.

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