Lawfield Community Project

Lawfield Primary School is situated in Mayfield, Midlothian. Lawfield is a new school created in 2008 following the merger of two local primary schools. It has a school roll of 380. The majority of pupils are experiencing socio-economic disadvantage with 33% of pupils eligible for free school meals. Attainment in literacy is poor – for example, out of a sample of 85 second level pupils, 52% of these were attaining below expected levels in literacy. The school was facing high levels of exclusions, violent incidences and the senior management team had a high turnover. Voluntary sector partner agencies agreed to support the school. A pilot project- the Lawfield Community project was set up test out how to best support the school and show case how the voluntary sector can help meet a specific need in the community by working in partnership with each other and statutory partners to make a difference. This project led to new ways of working, joint working process, a single allocation process, removal of scatter gun referrals, a single point of access for families and impacts in relation to childrens attainment. In addition, the community has engaged with the school. 

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