Laura Davies

Young Women's Trust


Laura Davies has experienced maternity discrimination, low paid work, workplace sexism and being stereotyped as a young mum. She doesn’t want others to face the same struggles she has and so uses these experiences to speak out with Young Women’s Trust (YWT) to raise awareness and create change.

Alongside working and raising her son, Laura is a dedicated volunteer for YWT and is one of the most enthusiastic, dependable young women we have worked with. She has taken part in over 70 voluntary opportunities for YWT since getting involved in 2015.

From blogging and public speaking to campaigning and being a media spokesperson, Laura is committed to raising awareness of the issues faced by young women on low or no pay, and particularly the struggles of young mums, from pregnancy discrimination to a lack of flexible working and negative stereotyping. She has spoken to many journalists and appeared on live TV and radio. At the start of this year Laura gave an inspiring speech about her experiences to an audience of politicians, journalists and supporters at our Gender Equality event at London’s City Hall.

Laura is an inspiring young woman who deserves to be recognised for her fantastic contribution.

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