Keep The Joy Alive

Children’s Hospices Across Scotland / Different Kettle


Children’s Hospices Across Scotland, better known as CHAS, needed a profound step-change in brand perception that would heighten awareness of our mission – to reach every child in Scotland that needs us. A change which would generate more service referrals and increase our fundraising income so we could meet that increased demand.

With manifold challenges to overcome we appointed charity agency Different Kettle. And through workshops and research identified our core brand ambition - Keep The Joy Alive - and our unifying visual concept - the CHAS alphabet.

And who designed our alphabet? The people we knew had to be at the heart of our new brand – the children and families we care for. These letters, and the stories behind them, enable us to express the joy that CHAS helps families find, even in the face of death.

The end result saw 130,000 new Scottish adults recognising CHAS in less than a year, 23% of the population identifying Keep The Joy Alive as CHAS and more income raised than ever before. Referrals to CHAS services are also up by 6%, taking a critical step towards making our vision a reality – and reaching every single family in Scotland that needs us.

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