On average 55 African elephants are killed a day for their tusks. With more African elephants now being killed than being born, something had to be done to protect these magnificent creatures before it is too late. WWF-UK's 2017 Christmas fundraising campaign, #JustLikeUs, was wholly different in both creative tone and approach from anything we had done before. The campaign follows the traumatic story of poaching - through the eyes of an elephant. It shows human behaviour from an elephant's point of view to connect the viewer with an elephant's complex emotions, delivering maximum impact. It was designed to reach the widest possible audience at a critical time, give a voice to elephants and raise vital funds for conservation of this iconic species. The aim was to attract 31,500 new committed supporters for WWF. We exceeded that target by almost 30% making this campaign the most successful for WWF-UK in the last 5 years.

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