Judith Moran

Quaker Social Action


Judith Moran, chief executive of Quaker Social Action understands that poverty and inequality are complex issues, with devastating impacts on our society. For many leaders this represents an insurmountable challenge but Judith’s compassion and creativity forge a pragmatic and imaginative response.

Judith looks straight through dehumanising stereotypes of poverty seeing people as the individuals they are, with their own choices to make, and their own potential to fulfil. Her clear vision refocuses QSA’s 150 year-old anti-poverty mission and brings alive the values which moved its founders to act.

Judith sets high standards, nurturing her team and ensuring organisational strength and stability. She inspires the trust of funders and supporters with honesty and passion. Deeply collaborative, she takes care to build effective partnerships.

Judith’s inventiveness and determination have created ground breaking approaches to financial capability, funeral poverty and now housing support for young adult carers. Judith never loses sight of the 3,000 people QSA works with directly every year but is also alive to opportunities to influence change at the highest levels. This ambition created Fair Funerals, the UK’s only funeral poverty campaign. Judith’s resourceful leadership have transformed QSA into a highly effective, and strategic organisation with a national reach.

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