Jonathan Spiers



In less than two years, Jon has positioned Autistica as the leading autism research charity in Europe, with 450% income growth year-on-year, more cutting-edge science funded than ever before, new scientific priorities defined by the entire autism community, demonstrable impact on UK and US autism funding and policy, a doubling of the charity's staff, new offices and an active, engaged Board.

In his first CEO role, Jon has focused relentlessly on innovation and continuous improvement, challenging staff to think differently about achieving our goals. His belief in working in collaboration not competition has generated many new scientific and commercial partnerships, sharing knowledge and reducing duplication. He has used his extensive communications experience to drive tangible policy change in the UK and US and made premature death in autism a frontpage story. Through better involvement, personal development and culture change, Jon has created a high performing team united behind a common vision to create longer, happier, healthier lives for autistic people and their families.

And this is just the beginning. Jon aims to put Autistica among the leading charities in the country, changing for the better the lives of the UK’s 700,000 autistic people.

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