John Russell

British Stammering Association


John Russell is a legend within the British Stammering Association. He's been raising funds for the charity for over 25 years. Not huge amounts, nor headline grabbing activities, but raising probably £50K. Year in, year out, he has been there, advocating on behalf of the charity and for those who stammer, raising money year after year.

Why is he special? Because to be publically visible as someone who stammers, can be particularly hard. And whilst this has changed for many disabilities, many who have a stammer still talk about the shame they feel because of their stammer.

As an issue stammering has missed out on the change in attitudes of recent times, our 2020 YouGov polling shows that nearly 20% of the population feel comfortable with jokes about stammering. We'd suggest far fewer would feel comfortable with jokes about any other disability. Stammering is still seen as something people should overcome, talk normally, hide their stammer. Think about how it must have felt fundraising, with a stammer, in the 1990s.

Over the last 12 months John has run the London 10K for us, held a supermarket bucket, supported our Santa run and created his own 2.6 challenge. A typical year.

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