Jane Powell

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)


Jane Powell founded CALM, as CEO, 10 years ago with a singular mission to prevent male suicide - the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

She has led a clear and direct approach to tackling this issue:

1. Offering support to men in crisis - building a national helpline receiving 6000 calls per month and webchat service.

2. Helping men to help themselves – creating provocative campaigns, an award-winning magazine and web hub for supporters.

3. Creating public debate about masculinity - generating TV news, primetime documentaries, a thunderclap social media campaign reaching 23m people, support from the Royal Foundation and the Duke of Cambridge.

4. Challenging policymakers to create a gendered strategy to suicide prevention – precipitating the first ever Parliamentary debate about the state of masculinity in the UK.

Her unswerving focus, immense energy and sheer activism has ignited public interest and enabled CALM to grow. Increasing income from zero to over £1m in 10 years, of which over 66% now comes from the public, evidences her drive to put the issue on the national agenda.

Vitally, men in the UK champion a brand that champions them, offering space to re-define their purpose in life.

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