Jack Firth

Healthwatch Bolton


Jack Firth has been the Chairman of Healthwatch Bolton since 2013. A skilled Chairman, inspirational leader and wonderful colleague he brings a deep sense of humanity and many years of experience as a trade union official to his role as Patient's Champion and his job as Chairman of our small charity.

Much of what Healthwatch has achieved not just in Bolton, but in Greater Manchester as a whole, has come about directly as a result of Jack's gift to the community of his time.

When Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devoloution was announced in 2015 Jack was quick to offer himself as Greater Manchester Healthwatch Representative. No one knew what that meant at the time but Jack set about making something of it. Now, just 18 months later the decison makers have not just heard about Healthwatch but want to hear from us.

Proactive, affable and unencumbered by vanity, the concept of volition could have been invented for Jack. He is one of the most strategically gifted people I have ever worked with, his negotiating his skills are unsurpassed and his stamina is awesome.

As a colleague he is warm, supportive, funny and wise. He also makes decent coffee!

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