Hospice Quality Partnership

The hospice sector in the UK continues to face considerable challenge in the face of rapidly rising demand; unmet need; inequality of access to care; complexity and cost of care; and continuing pressure on income.

With the statutory contribution to the costs of running charitable adult hospices averaging only 33% and even less at 17% for children’s hospices, charitable hospices collectively need to fundraise an additional £2.7m every day.

The Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) has established itself as an innovative, unique, commercially orientated collaboration between 70 independent local hospices and their affiliate partners from across the UK, determined to respond to these challenges and create a sustainable future for hospice care in the UK. 

Through joint procurement; shared data for business improvement and projects to drive new revenue streams, the partners pool their energy, resources and learning to work at scale and gain maximum benefit from their current finances - the least commissioners, supporters and donors would expect.

The establishment of HQP has been a watershed moment where the sector starts to take collective responsibility for getting to grips with concepts of cost, productivity, effectiveness and value in a unique and meaningful way. 

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