Here I Am



Mencap represent the 1.4 million people with a learning disability in the UK, who want to be valued equally, listened to and included. The ‘Here I Am’ campaign was all about raising awareness and understanding amongst 24 - 35 year olds, of those with a learning disability. 

Powered by TV, cinema, online video, out of home, press, website, social, influencers and, most importantly, people, the campaign created a long term rallying cry to support #HereIAm. 

The campaign started trending within 3 hours of launch. Our content reached over 21 million people and we saw over 2 million moments of online engagement after 4 weeks. Semi-prompted awareness amongst 25 - 34 year olds has gone up by 4% and for the first time ever more people now have a better understanding of learning disability, and Mencap.

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