Healthwatch Bucks / Green Banana Marketing


How do you get local families to talk to a very small organisation which they may not have heard of, about their health and social care? Healthwatch Bucks’ reach was small and it needed more feedback - so a new creative approach was needed. With a budget of £25,000, Green Banana Marketing (with a team of three) and Healthwatch Bucks (with its team of six staff and volunteers) worked together to make this happen. 

Healthwatch Bucks was doing its best to ‘listen’ to people at
events and on the phone but this was very labour intensive. The campaign was a new approach, inspiring people to feedback on their local health and social care services working in two distinct phases; the first phase explaining the role of Healthwatch Bucks and how you can make a difference with your feedback. And the second phase, asking people to feedback on their health services. 
The campaign quadrupled web visitors - up 300% which generated a doubling of people leaving feedback (a year's worth of feedback in five weeks), with people expressing their gratitude for doctors who saved their lives to receptionists, valuable feedback which allows Healthwatch Bucks to change how services are delivered. 

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