Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


As the only UK lung cancer charity, we are here to support people affected by lung cancer. Many of our patients and supporters talk to us about the negative attitudes they have encountered.

In fact, one in four people in the UK admit to having less sympathy for people with lung cancer than those with other cancers. This means many people with lung cancer feel ashamed, some have even felt forced to lie about their or their loved one’s illness.

#HeadHigh looked to tackle lung cancer stigma by humanising the disease, showcasing the people it affects and demonstrating the diversity.

Because lung cancer does not define a person. They are mums and dads, sons and daughters, friends and colleagues. They are football fans, movie buffs and music lovers. They cook a mean spag bol, they have the driest sense of humour, they are always there if you need them. They are people and they matter.

Because lung cancer can affect anyone - man or woman, young or old, smoker or non-smoker.

Because no one should be made to feel ashamed to have lung cancer. They should be able to hold their #HeadHigh.

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