Gift A Bundle



Polling suggests that 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing are stashed in UK homes, enough to provide 250 items for each baby born in the UK each year. 

With the average family spending £11,000 on a child’s clothing alone, gifting on outgrown baby clothing has immense potential for reducing waste and supporting families struggling to make ends meet. 
‘Gift A Bundle’ is a Mother’s Day campaign that makes it easy for parents to pass on their good quality, outgrown baby clothes to families who can benefit from them. The campaign celebrates parenthood, connects the community, supports local charities and groups, helps families save money and reduces waste. In 2017, collections were held at 13 Mothercare stores across the UK, which resulted in 20 000 items of clothing being gifted via 28 local charities for Mother’s Day. 

To spread the message far beyond the geographical location of the collection points, Hubbub ran a national PR and social media campaign, reaching 49 million people via media and engaging 1.7 million on social media. 

Based on learnings from the campaign, Hubbub has created a freely available How To Guide’ for groups or individuals interested in running their own event or campaign. 

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