Getting the UK to Come Out For LGBT

For many people it feels as though great strides have been made towards LGBT rights in the UK following the legalisation of gay marriage. But the fight for equality is far from over. Hate crime has risen significantly over the last 5 years and Stonewall needed supporters to be more than just a silent majority.

We worked closely with the organisation to remind allies that we all have a part to play in creating a world where everyone, everywhere can be themselves. This led to our stand up and be counted brand defining idea “Come Out For LGBT”. An idea that rallies allies and encourages them to become active and visible supporters.

The campaign features a line-up of influential people from entertainment, football, the armed forces and faith representatives, all getting visible for the cause and encouraging others to do the same.

Within the first day we had garnered support from allies as diverse as Russell Brand, JK Rowling and Manchester United, leading to over 54,000 social mentions and coverage in The Guardian, The Sun, The Independent, NBC and Sky. More importantly, Stonewall has seen a 33% increase in peoples willingness to take action in support of LGBT rights.

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