Genetic Alliance UK

Genetic Alliance UK communications team have had huge success with little resource. Raising awareness and delivering effective communications about rare diseases is not easy. There are over 8000 rare diseases and for most of these there is no support group or charity and the majority of voluntary organisations supporting patients with rare diseases have no communications expertise or resource. In addition to promoting Genetic Alliance UK’s messages, our culture of collaboration means that our small communications team actively promote and support the work of hundreds of voluntary organisations who make up our membership.

Using free and very low cost digital tools and techniques they have increased our social media following by over 11,300 in one year, reaching large audiences and generating on average one piece of media coverage a week. Our Communications team have cascaded their expertise and learning through our member organisations and our key messages have been taken up and amplified not only by the voluntary sector, but by public and private organisations. Their creativity and ingenuity has been a driving force behind a consistent and coherent message, driving up awareness and delivering positive impacts across all facets of genetic and rare disease communications.

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