Foster First



Foster First is a programme created by C.A.R.I.A.D. (Care And Respect Includes All Dogs). We realised there was a desperate need for foster carers to help small UK animal rescues cope with the huge volume of pets, primarily dogs, that were coming into their shelters for a variety of reasons including abandonment, cruelty and neglect or because their families couldn't cope with the costs of veterinary care, had lost their homes, or were themselves victims of domestic abuse and couldn't flee danger because they wouldn't leave their beloved pets behind. In other cases, elderly owners had to go into care or had sadly passed away. More recently the Covid19 pandemic tragically saw many more pets bereaved. We also knew that traditional rescue kennelling can cause tremendous stress to animals that have previously only known a home environment. Research also showed that dogs that have been fostered rather than kennelled are more likely to be successfully permanently adopted to a new family. The problem was that most people didn't realise 'fostering' was something rescues needed, so we created a social media programme that has put small UK rescues in touch with people who can help foster their animals in need.

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