Flash - #MakeItHappen

Diabetes UK


Flash Glucose Monitoring is a new technology that can help people with diabetes safely manage their condition, improve their quality of life, and reduce the risk of serious diabetes-related complications including amputation and blindness.

More convenient and less painful than finger-prick blood testing, Flash Glucose Monitoring allows people with diabetes to test their blood glucose more frequently, understand more about their diabetes and enable them to manage it more effectively.

Despite being described by those that use it as 'life-changing', the problem was that this new technology was only available to those who could afford to pay for it themselves (Costing almost £1,500 a year), placing it out of reach for the vast majority of those whose lives it could change for the better.

Diabetes UK didn't think that was good enough so, with the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) due to consider their decision on making this technology available in principle on the NHS – free at the point of use, we decided to act to make this a reality.

The Flash #MakeItHappen campaign was the result.

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