For more than 20 years FareShare has been rescuing good, in-date, surplus food and delivering it out to community groups and charities across the UK, who then transform this predominantly fresh food into delicious, nutritious meals for vulnerable people as well as provide life-changing support. Notably in 2016 we doubled the number of community groups we support (over 5,500) and provided a record-breaking 25 million meals to beneficiaries, by implementing three key innovative measures;

·Involving logistics experts to increase access to available food

·Introducing new supermarket redistribution programmes

·Raising our public profile through consumer brand partnerships

By demonstrating initiative, collaboration and industry knowledge, we were able to: access more surplus food across the supply chain; transport this food more efficiently to where there is need; and expand our services to reach over 1000 towns and cities in the UK and support over 400,000 vulnerable people per week. We also developed key consumer awareness campaigns to further our mission and to forge new support.

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