Equal Access Loan

RefuAid and Street UK


An Engineer driving a taxi; a Paediatrician working as a waitress; a Neurosurgeon stacking shelves. RefuAid and Street UK have partnered to launch an interest-free loan scheme enabling refugees in the UK to return to their careers. This is the first (and only) nationwide loan scheme for refugees.

We offer interest-free loans of up to £10,000, for internationally-trained refugees to pay for UK accreditation, requalification or training, enabling them to return to employment in their prior professional fields.

M is a Dental Surgeon from Damascus who was one of the first recipients of an Equal Access Loan:

“There are so many qualified people in this country, wishing they could just do their jobs; but like me not being able to practice in the UK because of licensing and training costs. Surely everyone should have a chance to practise their own profession? Especially when you can fill in gaps in local communities, when your skills are in demand. It’s great to have an opportunity not only to support my family doing what I was trained to do, but also to participate in and give back to my local community.”

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