Empowering Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Mercy Corps Europe


Syrian refugees residing in Jordanian host communities face multiple daily challenges due to a lack of documentation, including the ability to access basic services - shelter, food, education and healthcare. Motivated to change this, Mercy Corps joined a Protection Consortium in 2016. The Consortium provided cash transfers to support refugee documentation and ensure their protection in host communities. Mercy Corps complemented the cash assistance with a complex referral system that provides legal, medical and psychosocial support to refugees with specific needs. As of July 2017, we reached around 26,500 vulnerable people at a cost of USD $75 per person. The number of unregistered beneficiaries dropped by 73%. Deportation risks, exploitative labor and school dropouts in host communities declined sharply. Furthermore, 75% of all households that received cash assistance reported decreased household tensions. With additional funding from multiple donors, we are now scaling up our coverage to the whole of Jordan and advocating for others within the humanitarian community to take this same approach to documentation for refugees. With this, Mercy Corps is empowering displaced Syrians in Jordan to begin to hope for a brighter future.

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