Emma Paine

Anthony Nolan


When NHS England declared that there was not enough money to pay for lifesaving second stem cell transplants for blood cancer patients in desperate need, Emma Paine spearheaded the successful campaign to ensure that funding would not be denied.


As a recipient of a second transplant, and a dedicated Young Ambassador for Anthony Nolan, Emma led the charge to ‘Defend Second Transplants’ by sharing her story with MPs and challenging them to stand up for patients.


Emma was committed to ensuring the decision was reversed, and was referred to as an inspiration and a “powerful advocate for the cause” by a Government Minister. Her hard work paid off in February 2017, when NHS England announced that second transplants would be funded with immediate effect.


As a Young Ambassador, Emma has also inspired our staff, supporters and other patients by sharing her amazing story. Her contributions to our patient blog posts have been bold and insightful. Emma’s post about sex and relationships has opened up important conversations and raised issues that are rarely discussed with our patients.

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