Electrical Safety First

In May 2016, Electrical Safety First moved responsibility for its media activity in-house, with the small team managing eight campaigns as well as reacting quickly to breaking news stories. The in-house team also developed social images, quizzes and videos and worked with a specialist agency for more complex digital content.


The Charity’s campaigns promote behaviour change in order to reduce deaths and accidents caused by electricity in the home. Priorities were identified and results evaluated through detailed consumer attitude research and analysis of government fire and injury data. Campaign themes included counterfeit electrical products, product recall and registration and promoting registered electricians.


Since May 2016, media activity achieved 1,585 clippings (an 85% increase on 2015), reaching a potential 227,851,521 people (+45%) with an estimated advertising value of £2,594,145 (+30%). National coverage included The Sun, The Daily Mail, Good Morning Britain and ITV News. The most successful digital campaign, a series of videos spoofing the popular “Tasty” cooking videos and ending with an electrical safety message, achieved over 2.7 million views on Facebook and 14,087 social interactions in September.


Results from the latest consumer survey (January 2017) show that unprompted awareness of Electrical Safety First has doubled in the last year.

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