Early Family Intervention Project (E-FIP)

Threshold Das


Threshold DAS’s, E-FIP Programme is an innovative Early Family Intervention Programme offering support to women, men and their children with the aim of keeping women and their children safe.

The difference the Project wants to make, is to eradicate and break the cycle of domestic abuse and sexual violence; to allow families to work out their problems and issues and to stay together safely or to support them to separate amicably, but ultimately to keep women and their children safe.

We constantly publicise the fact that the emphasis of our work is around prevention and we are proactive in our support and delivery.

E-FIP work is with the whole family by providing one to one work for the woman, their partner and any children who are involved; we offer a specially written perpetrator programme which has been RESPECT stage 1 accredited, and a mediation service that works with the whole family. We also work with the children and young people.

We believe there is a need to approach family violence in a more comprehensive and co-ordinated way, and to place greater emphasis on prevention and early intervention strategies.

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