Each Child. Each Future.

The link between low income and low academic attainment is greater in the UK than almost any other developed nation. Children eligible for free school meals are less likely to get good GCSEs and go on to higher education. This makes it more likely they will struggle throughout their lives, widening social inequality. It’s a cycle Teach First is determined to break.

Since launching in 2003, the charity has tirelessly recruited hundreds of people to its teacher training programme to address the shortage of quality teachers in the UK. Many of those young people have, through Teach First’s corporate partnerships, gained jobs at companies like PwC and Accenture and are using their influence to improve education from positions of power in the business and political world.

They have helped transform the education of over a million children. But, to reach a day when no child’s future is limited by their background, there is so much more to be done.

This was an opportunity to develop a campaign that would seek out potential teachers and leaders in a far more targeted, digital, and personalised way.

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