Dr Ava Easton

Encephalitis Society


Dr Ava Easton joined the charity 18 years ago in a support role and has risen through the ranks to CEO. Today, Ava is a global encephalitis expert and published author and academic. She is an in -demand speaker, providing lectures and training on acquired brain injury, and encephalitis and its consequences, for health, education and social care professionals, worldwide. She also provides consultancy to various press and media (including Channel 4’s Hollyoaks), is a book reviewer for The Lancet Neurology and book editor for Brain Injury Journal.
What fuelled Ava 18 years ago is the same as what motivates her today - her desire to positively impact on the lives of people affected by encephalitis and their families. She is relentless in her quest for increased awareness of encephalitis, which is brain inflammation and inspires and inspires the same drive in her team.
She’s transformed the charity from a parental support group housed in a garage, to the multiple-award winning, global organisation it is today and epitomises excellence in a CEO.

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