Dialling Down Debt

Citizens Advice


Citizens Advice successfully campaigned to change the law and improved the practice of mobile phone providers, better protecting consumers in debt. As a direct result of our campaign, people can now set a cap on their mobile phone bill, and the six largest mobile phone providers voluntarily signed up to our Debt Collection Charter. This will help approximately 36 million mobile phone users. 

Mobile phones and broadband have evolved from luxury items to essential services. However, consumer protections and wider policy haven’t kept up with the pace of change. 

Our research found that consumer detriment occurs most often within telecommunications - with problems affecting 14.7 million people in the last 12 months and costing £4.2 billion. Lack of protections in this market has allowed consumer detriment to grow, impacting hugely on people’s lives. 

The resulting Dialling Down Debt campaign was launched in summer 2016 in a bid to bring the mobiles market in line with other essential markets crucial to daily life. 

This change could help to protect thousands of people from falling into mobile phone debt each month, and will help all mobile phone users in the UK by pushing for better service and protections from their providers.

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