Cupcake Day

Alzheimer's Society


Cupcake Day 2017 was a huge success, raising over £1million against a target of £750,000. Despite recruiting less participants than in 2016, we more than tripled our income year on year (from £330,000 in 2016) by increasing the value of each sign-up significantly. When breaking down our audience into segments by age, location or even mosaic group, we’ve seen an increase in value across all segments. This indicated that the income increase it was not purely because we recruited a different audience but also because we recruited a more suitable audience and improved how we engaged with them to ensure they followed through with hosting their Cupcake Day. Our analysis and evaluation has shown that there was not one single factor that drove this increase in value – instead it was a combination of multiple improvements made to the campaign following our extensive and in-depth analysis after 2016.

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