Create uses the power of the creative arts to make a profound impact on the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. Founded in 2003, it designs and delivers creative programmes with disabled children and adults; young and adult carers; homeless people, offenders; vulnerable older people and other marginalised people. Each programme increases self-esteem, develops social skills and expands support networks.

In 2015/16, Create combined a strong vision with creativity, flexibility, excellence and rigorous financial management. This has enabled the charity to develop the scope of its work to include LGBT young people and female ex-offenders and provide life-enhancing workshops with marginalised people in new locations across the UK. Create also achieved record levels of satisfaction in its community partnerships, with 99.6% rating Create’s projects “successful overall”.

Create has also worked to share its experience and raise awareness of the needs of the people it works with through high-quality national media coverage, sharing best-practice through an international talk and workshop, and upskilling professional emerging artists by developing its Nurturing Talent programme.

“I wasn’t able to think clearly before because of stress, worry and tiredness. Create has opened my eyes and woken me up to what I can achieve.” Adult carer

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