Collaboration House

The Fayre Share Foundation (FSF), founded by serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Maurice Ostro OBE, has created a world-first in charitable partnership by establishing a unique initiative that is having enormous positive social impact in strengthening community cohesion and integration. 

The initiative is Collaboration House, a large office space in central London that is shared by more than a dozen like-minded charities so they can collaborate in joint initiatives, benefit from economies of scale and have greater impact in delivering social good. 

Many of the charities work in interfaith relations or represent faith communities and their collective impact reaches hundreds of thousands of people, and indirectly many more through media coverage. 

In addition to providing well-equipped office space for the resident charities, Collaboration House regularly invites leaders of public authorities and non-government organisations (NGOs) to engage with the resident charities, share best practice and undertake joint projects towards shared goals and objectives. 

It also organises conferences and seminars on issues of mutual interest to upskill the resident charities in areas important to them. 

The FSF promotes philanthropy, collaboration, interfaith relations and conflict resolution. Founded by Maurice Ostro OBE, it takes its name from one of his former companies. 

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