Clive Conway

Tutu Foundation UK


When Clive Conway became chairman of the Tutu Foundation UK in October 2014 a number of important projects were coming to an end with no new projects or funding in place.

Since becoming chairman Clive Conway has energised the Tutu Foundation building and managing a vibrant and diverse team of trustees, consultants and ambassadors who work together to develop, plan, champion and implement a range of projects promoting creative peace and reconciliation. The projects include developing a mediation service for the NHS, working with disenfranchised communities in Northern Ireland and improving relationships between the police and youth communities.

The Tutu Foundation UK was founded in 2007 and is built on the inspiration, knowledge and wisdom of the Southern African concept of Ubuntu and on those South African communities who sought reconciliation rather than revenge following the overthrow of Apartheid.

Ubuntu encourages us to recognise our common humanity, our connectedness and inter- dependence as fellow human beings. It emphasises what we have in common rather than our differences.

Clive Conway inspires, cajoles, persuades and charms all sorts of people, each difficult in their own special way, to work together to create inspiring projects that change lives and communities. 

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