Claire Jenkins

Grow Movement


Who is she?

Claire Jenkins spent 18 years volunteering for a variety of charities, from dressing up as a gorilla for to working as a volunteer primary school teacher in Honduras. Her experience has given her an insight into the needs of volunteers, which she puts into practice heading a global team of 900 volunteers in five continents and 61 countries for Grow Movement, which supports African entrepreneurs by providing them with business advice.

What does she do?

Jenkins' main aim is to make her volunteers feel valued, and she makes time to meet as many as possible, even when she is on holiday. She has instigated quarterly meet-ups for volunteers in London and monthly online meetings for global volunteers. She calls all the volunteers to welcome them to the programme and emails them regularly to say thank you for their work.

What has she achieved?

Jenkins has inspired 750 new volunteers to join the global team in just two years, saving large amounts of money and time. She has increased volunteering repeat rates from 25 per cent to 65 per cent, built partnerships with prominent organisations and encouraged directors and chief executives to become volunteers.

What did the judges say?

Alex Feis-Bryce, chief executive of National Ugly Mugs, said: "Claire clearly values every volunteer: as a result, their experience of volunteering is improved significantly."

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