Christmas Appeal 2016

Centrepoint / Ogilvy


Centrepoint’s fully integrated Christmas 2016 campaign targeted both new and existing donors with the aim of generating £1m in unrestricted cash income for Centrepoint. The campaign ran for the third quarter (October-December) of the 2016-17 financial year. The campaign sought to portray the authentic, often shocking, issues facing homeless young people, connecting with the public and donors across a range of channels. The Christmas 2016 campaign raised 25% more than our last Christmas campaign, which is a result we’re very proud of considering the current climate of lower trust in charities and impending regulations. It bought in 6,300 new supporters. The warm appeal achieved results similar to 2015; however it did so while moving our supporters on from messaging about street homelessness to greater reflect the authentic and often complex picture of homelessness for young people in the UK. That we could achieve this without affecting income will be a positive in the long term, laying the foundation for more ambitious and frank communication with our donors. The campaign was the backbone of Centrepoint's strongest ever third quarter results.

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