Chris Burghes

Royal Free Charity


It takes an excellent CEO to quadruple its income in just six years.

It takes a remarkable CEO to increase services to beneficiaries by 2,280% in this time.

It takes a great CEO to do both of these, AND redefine their charity’s entire purpose.

That is what Chris Burghes has done since joining the charity in 2011, which is why we believe he is operating at a level that most global charity CEOs have yet to achieve, let alone UK.

Chris’s main success has been to see a future where his charity, which was grant-giving only, could actually deliver high-quality services directly to beneficiaries. He oversaw a change programme unlike any in NHS charity history, and delivered exceptional results.

This didn’t just revolutionise the charity, but has also inspired dozens of similar charities around the world to follow his lead and implement his vision.

On behalf of all his team, which is almost entirely brought in by him as the charity has rapidly expanded, if another CEO has had the impact that Chris has had over the past six years then they deserve this award, plus senior Queen’s Honours. He is, in our collective opinion, the UK’s best charity CEO.

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