Children for Health

Children for Health seeks to mobilise children and young adolescents in the Global South to become health activists in their communities. Our radical reimagining of health and life skills education provides a low-risk, high-return approach that is proven to improve health in places where preventable diseases still cause too many early deaths.

CfH works in partnership with scaleable, measurable government programmes and with major international organisations such as Save the Children. Our partners share our commitment and passion to involve and support children as ambassadors and communicators of essential health messages. This is based on two key insights:
1.That children in most countries in the world play a vital role in their communities, looking after their siblings and friends, often without adult presence or supervision; and
2.That providing health information to these children in a relevant, fun and compelling way delivers immediate and lasting benefits in their communities.

Alongside partners, CfH researches, develops, promotes and distributes health education materials for children and educators.

We've created 100 simple life-saving health messages for children to learn and share in 10 topics such as Malaria, Immunisation and HIV & Aids.

We contribute towards enabling healthier, empowered children and families in the Global South.

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