Child Bereavement UK

Every day Child Bereavement UK deals with something that many people find too unbearable to contemplate – the untimely deaths of a parent or a child. Deaths that can shatter lives and leave sheer devastation in their wake.

Child Bereavement UK’s vision is for all bereaved families to have the support they need to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies, and in the last year we have responded to a significant increase in the number of families seeking support, an increase of 44%. We responded to a 66% increase in enquiries to our helpline service and the number of professionals we trained face-to-face increased by 43%.

This growth was achieved in addition to responding to the traumatic impact of the terror attacks in London and Manchester and the Grenfell Tower fire, and launching the successful #OneMoreMinute campaign, which brought the needs of families affected by child bereavement to the forefront of national consciousness.

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