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Changing Faces


Over a fifteen month period, with extensive consultation with key stakeholders, an internal brand development group worked with an external consultant and designer to consider and evaluate Changing Faces’ purpose, vision and mission, looking at how a refreshed brand could better serve the people for whom it cares and campaigns.

The existing brand was more than twenty years old, with a minor tweak four years ago. The logo was confusing and reinforced the misconception that the charity was concerned only with the face, and inclusion of the word ‘disfigurement’ in the strapline was offensive to some. The refreshment project had to take Changing Faces back to its core purpose and ethos and rebuild from scratch.

The new brand is bright, bold, positive and empowering. It shows people living life fully lived, demonstrating the change that Changing Faces can create. The visual identity – the butterfly – is counter-cultural and deliberately at odds with a butterfly’s natural patterns; it’s distinctive and asymmetrical because the Changing Faces community is distinctive and asymmetrical.

Launched in March 2016, the new brand has been exceptionally well received and its infectious positivity has already impacted clients, supporters, staff and trustees.

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