Carey Mulligan

Alzheimer's Society


Carey Mulligan’s commitment and passion to transform the lives of people affected dementia has been a driving force in Alzheimer’s Society’s vision to create a world without dementia.
For nearly ten years as a supporter and over five years as an official Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador, Carey has worked tirelessly behind the scenes and in front of the camera to raise the profile of dementia, encourage others to join the dementia movement and speak out for those who can’t, giving a voice to the 850,000 people diagnosed with this as yet, incurable condition.
Carey wanted to support Alzheimer’s Society and unite with us as her grandmother, Nans, had dementia. The deep bond and understanding Carey and her family have shown in caring for her beloved grandmother has inspired every single action she has enthusiastically undertaken for our cause. From opinion formers, global leaders, major donors to festival goers and the next generation of supporters, Carey has joined them all in the dementia movement. We simply would not have had this kind of international and national impact, public reach and funds to do so without her unwavering support

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