Campaigning to end child marriage in Malawi

Plan International UK


"Campaigns, petitions and asks for support clog up all of our inboxes – and like many charities, we are aware of the dangers of compassion fatigue and ‘clicktivism’. By completely overhauling how we thought about campaigning, and putting the entire campaign and its creative in the voices of the young women who would ultimately benefit from it, our campaign to illegalise child marriage in Malawi overcame these obstacles.
It’s not often you can point to real, tangible, understandable impact – but when Malawi’s parliamentarians voted to amend their country’s constitution, they cited our global campaign as a contributing factor. And we know that core to that impact was that rather than asking people to lobby decision-makers directly, we asked them to support young Malawians to do so instead. 
The response was overwhelming – from an organisational perspective, one of our most successful campaign actions ever, with more than 42,000 expressions of solidarity worldwide, significant digital traction and powerful global media coverage. But more importantly, we’ve helped secure a safer future for generations of Malawian women to come, who can live safe from the perils of being married too young."

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