The Brooke


The Brooke’s ‘Brooke-a-Brac’ was created to leverage and re-engage lapsed donors with an easy to access event rather than a straight cash appeal. The overarching objective was to raise money from in-active supporters.

It aimed to present something new to our audience from the point of view of both previous asks from The Brooke and those in the sector in general.

The result was a uniquely developed event, online and offline, which has seen over £60,000 in pledged income with a conversion rate of 3.1% from a heavily lapsed file.

After noticing a growing trend in second hand sales by both our supporters and the general public we recruited people to spring clean, clear out their clutter and sell any unwanted items online or in their community (car boot, village fetes, garage sales , markets) to make a difference to the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules.

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