Borough Market

Borough Market’s dedicated communications team work year-round to promote the 1,000 year old destination’s core values: community, sustainability, education and a shared love of food. Following June’s terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market, the team worked swiftly to enact a sensitive crisis communications plan. This had to simultaneously support traders, reassure visitors, and show that Borough Market would remain unbowed. As a result, footfall has returned and all 150 traders remain in business.

The team is passionate about Borough Market and its ability to bring people together by sharing a love of food. Their dedication in the darkest of times has been exemplary; working tirelessly on crisis communications in the wake of the terrorist attack, and on proactive positive campaigns during the following year such as the introduction of drinking fountains and phase out of single use plastic bottles, to ensure that traders are supported, visitors enjoy their experience, and the whole community can benefit from this very special place at the heart of London.

“A food market has nothing to do with hate. A food market is about sustenance and wellbeing, pleasure and sharing, companionship and family.” #LoveBorough

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