Autism Life Dogs

Autism Life Dogs is a non-profit organisation making a big impact on the lives of children and families with autism through special canine companionships.

Our assistance dogs are trained in a unique therapy programme of games, activities and interventions to aid the development of physical, cognitive, life and social skills; support speech & language and social interaction, regulate sensory issues; reduce anxieties and challenging behaviours – all wrapped up in a best friend for life!

Since we began in 2014 we have placed more than forty assistance dogs as lifelong companions to children on the spectrum, helping overcome the significant day to day challenges faced both in the home and when accessing the community. We have also placed dogs in a number of schools and residential services, working alongside education, health and social care professionals to enhance their work.

We are a highly-qualified team who are incredibly passionate about improving lives through animal-assisted therapy. We care enormously that we are providing a service that has a lifelong positive impact on the children, families and dogs we work with.

Please see our website for more information on us, as well as stories and testimonials from the families our dogs have helped.

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