Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan has an incredible team of 50 volunteer couriers who have a unique and specialised role – collecting and delivering stem cell donations to patients in desperate need of a lifesaving transplant.


Our volunteers have just 72 hours to safely deliver the bag of stem cells from the donor, wherever they are in the world, to the patient waiting here in the UK. It can happen at all different times of day, and from all four corners of the world.


In 2016, they undertook 1,008 trips, visiting over 20 countries to give over a thousand people a second chance at life. Their role is not easy – they have to sprint through airports to make might connections, face tough questions from security officials, as well as constant travel delays.


Some have a personal connection to the cause, whilst others know their ability to handle stressful situations mean they can excel in this role. They all give their time and energy to simply to be part of the team that’s saving someone’s life; to entrust themselves with someone’s only chance of a cure and act as a vital go-between. Their perseverance is incredible and they are an invaluable asset to Anthony Nolan.

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