Anna Rose Barker

The British Youth Council


The British Youth Council has undergone a period of significant change and Anna has led the charity through this time. Anna was instrumental in managing the positive exit of a long-standing Chief Executive and the successful induction of a new Chief Executive. Alongside this she has steered the charity through reviewing and improving its governance and developing a new strategy.


Anna has supported and inducted a new board of trustees, all of whom are under 26. Embodying the charity's values of youth leadership and participation, Anna has ensured that young people are at the heart of decision making within the British Youth Council and has spearheaded their work on engaging young people with Brexit, including hosting a round table between young people and government ministers.


As a young professional, Anna has successfully balanced her role as a charity Chair with establishing herself as a marketing executive within a tech start up. Her charisma and passion inspire and engage young, people, staff and stakeholders, and her energy has kept the momentum going within the British Youth Council during this period of transition.

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