Alex Ramamurthy

The Care Workers Charity


Alex Ramamurthy is CEO of the Care Workers Charity. Prior to joining the Charity in December 2016, Alex spent six years in start-ups for socially minded businesses having graduated in Technology Entrepreneurship from Surrey University.

One of those socially minded businesses had the goal of tackling social isolation and loneliness in old age using technology. This technology was demonstrated to Her Majesty The Queen, following an invitation to Buckingham Palace, and subsequently was deployed across the NHS as a telemedicine tool.

Alex is driven to solve big problems, and having spent 10 years visiting his grandmother in a local care home, observing the effects that long hours and physically and mentally draining work can have on care workers, he was passionate to join the Care Workers Charity (CWC). He has applied his skills from his start-up experiences to transform a charity near to closure.

2017 saw exponential growth, increasing income from £11k to £305k and with hardship grant awards rising from £2k to £66k. With his team, Alex has laid the foundations for the long-term viability of the CWC, taking the first significant step in reaching its vision: No care worker will ever face financial hardship alone.

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